Financial information

We like to be transparent about our finances and, in particular, how we spend the money you donate/raise for us. It is very important to us that as much as possible is spent on our charitable activities to help us improve survival through early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The chart below shows our expenditure in 2014 as a percentage of our income that year.

PCA Exp as percent of income 2014

You will notice that our Governance costs are very low at only 3% of total income.

In 2014 we employed 2 temporary, 4 part-time and 1 full-time (the Chief Executive) employees at various points of the year. This is equal to 4 full-time equivalents.

In 2014 our total wage bill plus governance costs amounted to less than 20% of total income.

The Pie Chart Explained:

Charity Activity: Raising Awareness

Included is activities undertaken directly to raise awareness including advertising campaigns, awareness materials, distribution of such to the public and health workers, support costs associated with raising awareness including proportional staff salaries.

Costs of generating funds

Included is the costs of generating donations and legacies, event place purchases, the costs of goods sold (merchandise) and the salary costs of the fundraising team (2 x part-time personnel).

Charitable Activity: Designated funds to Early Diagnosis Challenge Award 2015

Funds set aside to fund our Early Diagnosis Challenge Award research projects in 2015/16 round – no salaries included here.

Charitable Activity: Research Funding

Includes money spent on research projects in 2014 plus associated support costs including proportional staff salaries.

Charitable Activity: Medical Education

Includes spending on e-learning and seminars for medial professionals, associated support costs including proportional staff salaries.

Charitable Activity: Patient information and support

Includes the development, publication, printing and distribution of pancreatic cancer patient information booklets and website information plus associated support costs including proportional staff salaries.

Governance costs

Included is office rental, office costs, telephone & internet, computer costs, software, insurance, staff welfare, book-keeping and banking fees and independent auditors examination fees.

Our published accounts:

The detailed financial information for Pancreatic Cancer Action can also be found on the Charity Commission website – search for charity number 1137689. Or download our annual accounts (see below):

PCA Annual Report and Accounts 2015

PCA Annual Report and Accounts 2014

PCA Annual Report and Accounts 2013 FINAL

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