SAC Members

Chairman 2015-2018

Professor Hemant Kocher MBBS MS MD FRCS – Barts Cancer Institute, London UK

Professor Kocher is Professor of Liver and Pancreas Surgery at the Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London. He is also Consultant General, Laparoscopic and Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary Surgeon at the Royal London and St Bartholomew’s Hospitals. His scientific research interests include developing models of pancreatic cancer, investigating cancer-stroma cross-talk, developing new treatments and biomarkers from his laboratory research. His clinical research interests include bio-banking, clinical trials, innovative surgical procedures, epidemiology, cost-benefit analysis of treatments and patient safety. He organises a biennial state of the art conference called London Pancreas Workshop.

Scientific Advisory Committee Members 2015 -2018

We list the current SAC members along with a short biography for each.

Professor Minoti Apte MB BS, MMedSci, PhD – University of New South Wales, Australia

Professor Apte is Professor of Medicine and Presiding Member of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales, Australia. She is also the Director of the Pancreatic Research Group and a founding member and past President of the Australian Pancreatic Club.

Dr Marc Besselink MD MSc PhD – Academic Medical Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands

Dr Besselink is a specialist Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgeon at the Academic Medical Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands. In 2002 Marc Besselink was the co-founder of the Dutch Pancreatitis Study Group ( and in 2012 he was the co-founder of the Dutch Pancreatic Cancer Group ( He is the principal investigator of the Dutch Pancreatic Cancer Project which incorporates a nationwide prospective clinical audit, patient reported outcomes registry, pancreatic biobank and online expert panel.

Professor Steven D Leach M.D. – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York, USA

Professor Leach is Director of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Rubenstein Center for Pancreatic Cancer Research in New York, USA and Professor of Surgery at Weill-Cornell Medical College. Prior to this, Professor Leach was Professor of Surgery, Oncology and Cell Biology and the Paul K. Neumann Professor in Pancreatic Cancer At Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore.

Dr Andrew D Rhim MD – University of Michigan – USA

Dr. Rhim is an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology at the University of Michigan Medical School. His research is focused on understanding the key molecular and cellular events that occur when precancerous lesions transform into cancer. By investigating this critical window of time, he seeks to develop new ways of diagnosing and treating the earliest stages of cancer–before the disease can be detected. He uses a variety of approaches and systems in his research, including a novel genetically engineered mouse model of pancreatic cancer and microfluidic technologies. His work has already yielded several promising biomarkers for the detection of subclinical pancreatic cancer at various stages of development, including analysis of circulating pancreas cells in patients without the diagnosis of cancer in early clinical trials.

As a board certified Gastroenterologist, Dr. Rhim’s clinical interest and practice center on determining and managing risk in patients susceptible to pancreatic cancer, including patients with precancerous cystic lesions and patients with strong family histories for this disease.

Dr. Rhim’s work is presently funded by numerous grants and awards from federal agencies and private foundations, including the National Institutes of Health, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, the Department of Defense, and the American Gastroenterological Association. He was the William Osler MD Fellow in Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and he completed his medical and research training in Gastroenterology and Cancer Genetics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Aldo Scarpa MD, PhD – University of Verona – Italy

Professor Scarpa is the Director of the ARC-NET Research Centre for Applied Research on Cancer and Chair of the Department of Pathology and Diagnostics at the University and Hospital Trust of Verona.

Professor Margaret Tempero MD – University of California San Francisco (UCSF) – USA.

Professor Margaret Tempero is director of the UCSF Pancreas Center and leader of the Pancreas Cancer Program at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is a pioneer in applying radioactively tagged antibodies for cancer therapy and has led national research projects for gastrointestinal cancer, including pancreatic cancer.