Confidentiality Policy

Pancreatic Cancer Action’s confidentiality policy in research

Scientific Advisory Committee

Members of Pancreatic Cancer Action’s Scientific Advisory Committee agree to follow principles of confidentiality during SAC meetings and in any correspondence relating to SAC meeting business. Committee members agree to not disclose any confidential information with any third parties. Confidential information would include information included in research grant applications and progress reports, recommendations made to Pancreatic Cancer Action on research to fund, information provided by peer reviewers etc.

Peer review process

Maintaining confidentiality in the peer review process is important to Pancreatic Cancer Action. We believe, in line with good practice, that the best quality peer review is obtained when the referees can comment candidly, in the knowledge that their identity will only be disclosed to those directly involved in the decision-making process and not to the applicants.

Applicants will be sent comments received from peer reviewers, as this is particularly useful to applicants who have not been successful to help them understand why they have not been recommended for funding and to improve future applications and research. However, the only information passed on is that provided by reviewers in a section specifically marked as information to be passed to applicants. Any additional confidential information provided by reviewers will not be disclosed to applicants.