PhD Scholarship Eligibility

This scholarship will be awarded to up to two universities in 2018/19 to cover a PhD Student for a maximum of 36 months of full-time doctoral study, which will include a tax and NI-free stipend, tuition fees (subject to residency status) and running expenses.

Pancreatic Cancer Action has a particular interest in supporting UK students with a research interest in pancreatic cancer and its early diagnosis.

Eligible applicants

The scheme is open to applications from any UK university.

Pancreatic Cancer Action cannot accept applications directly from graduates themselves wishing to pursue doctoral study. Applications must come from the university administering the scheme.

It is the responsibility of the grant-holding institution to administer the scheme, including the selection of high-quality grant recipients. This includes ensuring the appropriate academic supervision is provided for each student.

Scholars recruited to the scheme must be in possession of a 2:1 or higher Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in biological sciences, mathematics, statistics or equivalent.

Scholars must be ordinarily resident in the UK, meaning there are no restrictions on how long they can stay, and must have been ordinarily resident in the UK for at least three years prior to the start of the Scholarship grant.

Overseas students may not be eligible for a full award depending on their residential status. Grant-holding institutions have full responsibility for determining the residential eligibility of potential students. Pancreatic Cancer Action will only pay the cost of fees at UK/EU rates.

Eligible research criteria

Applications are open only for projects focused on improving early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Projects may focus on any of the research areas listed below, or any combination of them. All proposals should consider line-of-sight to clinical or population impact.