APPG Inquiry into Pancreatic Cancer Research

The APPG announced at it’s AGM in March that it would be holding an Inquiry into pancreatic cancer research.  The aim of the Inquiry is to increase funding into research and improve the quality of research taking place.  In order for the Inquiry to make a decision about this, they will be accepting both written and verbal evidence from a number of expert witnesses including Ali Stunt, CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action and pancreatic cancer survivor.

There are four meetings taking place over five months; Monday 12th May, Monday 9th June, Monday 7th July and Monday 8th September. 

We welcome the Inquiry and hope that it will be increase the amount of research into pancreatic cancer, and ultimately lead to earlier detection of the disease and better treatment for patients.

You can read the transcript from the first meeting on Monday 12th May here including evidence from Ali Stunt.  

At the meetings, Pancreatic Cancer Action is calling for:

Read the PCA evidence to APPG Inquiry PC Research full report to find out more.

APPGPCThe report looks at the issues relating to the fact that pancreatic cancer has been chronically underfunded for decades, the link to funding and low survival rate and a comparison with other cancers which have received higher levels of funding.  In some cases, research funding for some cancers has seen a significant uplift in survival rates.

It also discusses comparisons of pancreatic cancer funding across the world.  While proportions of pancreatic cancer research funds in the USA, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe are similar to those in the UK relative to total cancer research funding although the amount of funds in terms of dollars spent are significantly greater.

We will keep you updated with the outcome of each meeting.

APPG Inquiry into Pancreatic Cancer Research Report

For five months in 2014, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pancreatic Cancer led an Inquiry into research into pancreatic cancer. The aim was to understand how to increase the amount and quality of research into pancreatic cancer,

On Wednesday 29th October 2014, the Inquiry Report was launched, in an event attended by Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt MP, Public Health Minister, Jane Ellison, 26 MPs and Peers and other stakeholders from the pancreatic cancer community including patients and others directly affected by pancreatic cancer.

The report lays out a series of key recommendations on ways to improve research and diagnosis, clinical trials, and further investigation into  the discrepancy in survival rates across the country.

Some of the most promising recommendations are a commitment to reach a minimum of £10 million site-specific spend from 2015 and an increase in funding to £25 million by 2025, and more research into early diagnosis including a focus on developing on early screening test.

You can read the full report and recommendations here: appg-research-report-2014-final-web-version