What we do

Every day 26 people die from pancreatic cancer. Our vision is a day when everyone is diagnosed early and survives pancreatic cancer.

That’s why our mission is to improve the survival rates of pancreatic cancer by ensuring more people are diagnosed early and in time for surgery – currently the only potential cure – and improve the quality of life of patients.

We raise public awareness of pancreatic cancer and its symptoms

Public awareness of pancreatic cancer is very low with half of all patients having not heard of the disease before their own diagnosis.

This is why it is one of our key aims to improve this so more people recognise the symptoms they or a loved on may have and go to the doctors sooner.

We do this through our:

We provide education and awareness training for healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals have a vital part to play in early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer which is why we provide free resources for GPs, pharmacists and pancreatic cancer specialists.

We do this with our:

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We campaign and lobby the government and key stake holders for change

It is important that key stakeholders and policy makers in Government are made aware of the issues surrounding pancreatic cancer. From inequalities in funding, care and survival to access to treatments and the lack of public awareness of the disease, we highlight this wherever we can.

We are also thrilled that Ali is the President of Pancreatic Cancer Europe which brings together pancreatic cancer experts from all Europe to improve diagnosis and care for patients.

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We fund research into early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

The amount of research funding for pancreatic cancer is minuscule compared to other common cancers (currently 3%) and the proportion spent on early diagnosis is small.

We fund research specifically to improve early diagnosis and nothing else because we know that early diagnosis saves lives.

We do this through our:

We provide free patient information for those diagnosed and living with pancreatic cancer

We want patients and carers to have credible, evidence-based information on the disease and its treatments. That is why we provide free, comprehensive information in a variety of formats.

We provide: