Matt Bell

Digital Marketing Executive

Role and responsibilities

MattI am responsible for our social media on a day-to day-basis, engaging with our audiences, responding to comments and queries. Designing and creating engaging and relevant content across our social channels and digital platforms, our website and Newsletters. My role includes delivering and promoting the charity to public audiences, with the aim of raising awareness of symptoms, local and central government policy changes, and our supporters for sharing their fundraising stories and achievements with us.

Describe yourself in 5 words 

Supportive, Passionate, Collaborative, Organised, Responsible

Why did you pick to work at PCA?

I wanted to make a difference in what I do day-to-day. After doing research for my interview, I was shocked by how little I knew about pancreatic cancer. This drove my passion to change this, and as I learnt more about the charity and Ali’s story, I become more committed to promoting the good work of the charity and how they can help as well as the general symptoms.

What are your hobbies and interests ?

I love my music (signified by my great skill of guessing a song on Heardle within one second). I enjoy watching rugby and playing football. I love all things Marvel & DC, and like going for walks at the weekend.

Contact Matt on or 07719 119113.