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Thank you for your interest in working for Pancreatic Cancer Action. Please see our current vacancies below.



Fundraising Trustee:

Salary: Unpaid. Reasonable expenses reimbursed for travelling to meetings

Hours: Four meetings a year. In London and at PCA HQ in Hampshire. Additionally, trustees are invited to the AGM.

Charity Location: Pancreatic Cancer Action, Unit 10 Oakhanger Farm Business, Oakhanger, Hampshire, GU35 9JA and London venues


Pancreatic Cancer Action is looking for a trustee to help them develop their fundraising strategy and initiatives. The ideal candidate will have;


About Pancreatic Cancer Action

Pancreatic cancer, being the 10th commonest form of cancer, affects nearly 10,000 people in the UK every year, with one person dying from the disease every hour. Less than 7% of people will live beyond five years and only 1% more than ten years. While it is the UK’s fifth biggest cause of cancer death, it receives only 3% of overall cancer research funding.

These statistics have barely changed in nearly 50 years.

Pancreatic Cancer Action is a niche charity with a huge voice shouting about much needed change for pancreatic cancer and are passionately committed to affecting real change.  We were founded in 2010 by a survivor, Ali Stunt, who in 2019 celebrates 12 years since diagnosis and proves that there is hope, early diagnosis is achievable, and survival is possible.

Our focus is on ensuring that patients are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at a stage that gives them the best chance of survival.

Hearing daily of more people diagnosed late and dying from pancreatic cancer is a powerful reminder of why our work is so vital.

Quite simply, we know that pancreatic cancer can be detected early, and as long as we are here and continue to be supported, we will do all we can do to make sure this happens more and more. With the help of our amazing supporters and donors, we;

We have seen exponential growth since the Charity’s inception in 2010 but we have huge ambitions and need to grow our income to a level where we can make even more impact than we do today, so we can save more lives. This is why we need a Trustee who can help us get there.

Who are the Charity’s trustees?

The Charities Act 1993 defines Charity trustees as those responsible under the Charity’s governing document for controlling the administration and management of the Charity. This is the case regardless of the terminology used to describe the role. For Pancreatic Cancer Action the Charity trustees are the board of directors known as the Trustee Board.

The role of the Board of Trustees

At its simplest, the role of the trustee board is to receive assets from donors, safeguard them and apply them to the charitable purposes of Pancreatic Cancer Action. The trustee board must always act in the best interests of Pancreatic Cancer Action, exercising the same standard of duty of care that a prudent person would apply if looking after the affairs of someone for whom they have responsibility. The trustee board must act as a group and not as individuals.


Duties of Trustee Board Member

The duties of a trustee board member are:

In addition to the above statutory duties, each trustee should use any specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to help the Board of Trustees reach sound decisions. This may involve leading discussions, identifying key issues, providing advice and guidance on new initiatives, and evaluating or offering advice on other areas in which the trustee has particular expertise.

Minimum time commitment

New Trustees are expected to attend an induction session at Pancreatic Cancer Action prior to their first board meeting.

Trustees are expected to attend all board meetings. Board meetings are held four times a year either during normal office hours or early evenings.

Dates of Board meetings are agreed upon well in advance

One meeting each year is allotted to strategic planning alongside the Pancreatic Cancer Action team at Pancreatic Cancer Action HQ in Hampshire, starting at lunchtime and lasting into the evening.

The other three meetings last approximately three hours and are usually at Pancreatic Cancer Action’s offices in Oakhanger or a location in London.

Person specification

Each trustee must have:

To Apply:

Please send your C.V. plus a covering letter explaining why you feel you would be suitable for this role to

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