Surgery pre-assessment

Prelim checksYou may be asked to attend a clinic for surgery pre-assessment tests 1 to 2 weeks before your operation. At this clinic your general health and fitness will be determined. A nurse will take your medical history, examine you and take some tests.

Some of the tests you are likely to have before surgery:

Other tests you may have include:

Diabetic patients:

If you have diabetes and you measure your blood sugars, it is helpful to bring these measurements with you to the pre-assessment clinic.

For diabetic patients who need to take insulin, you will be given insulin before and after your operation and the dose will be adjusted depending on your blood sugar levels. This is known as sliding-scale insulin.

Your Admission date:

By the pre-assessment day you should have been given your admission date for surgery. At this point you will also be given information on eating and drinking just before the operation and what to do about the medicines you are already taking.

More information to help you prepare for your surgery:

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