Eating after Surgery

person eatingAfter some operations you will be advised not to eat for a few days to let your system heal. When your doctors are happy for you to use your mouth, you will be given water to sip followed by the gradual introduction of a

What is a light diet?

A light diet is generally soft, moist and easily digested food.

Here are some of our suggestions for a light diet:


Main meals:


Foods to avoid on a light diet:

Fizzy Drinks

Avoid fizzy drinks until you are on a normal diet. This is because fizzy drinks can make you bloated and reduce your appetite. Sometimes fizzy drinks can cause pain if taken in the weeks immediately following surgery.

Nutritional Supplements

Some people need additional high protein or high energy supplements to help them recover from the operation. You will be advised about these by your medical team. It is important to ask your medical team before taking any other supplements or herbal remedies as these may interfere with your treatments.

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