Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings

Typically, before cancer patients undergo treatment, they are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) to decide on the best course of treatment.

The MDT is made up of healthcare professionals who all have specialities relevant to the site of the cancer.

Pancreatic cancer MDT’s include a range of experts needed to effectively manage and treat every aspect of pancreatic cancer. The range of experts in the team will depend on if the tumour is operable or not. The team may include;

  • Surgeons to decide and carry out the best course of surgery
  • Oncologists to plan and deliver chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments
  • Radiologists capable of providing information for tumour staging, as well as carrying out therapies to treat tumours
  • Clinical nurse specialists to communicate outcomes and options from the MDT meetings to patients and provide information, support and care throughout their treatment
  • Dietitians to support patients with nutrition throughout their illness
  • Palliative care nurses to provide advice on improving quality of life for patients
  • Allied health care professionals such as physio or occupational therapists to provide support and equipment to help patients maintain their independence throughout their disease.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone in your specialist team if anything is not clear or you would like more information.

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