Mic, diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in February 2012

MicI lost my husband Mic on the 7th April 2012 at the age of 68, 3 weeks after diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. 

I just want to bring awareness to this most evil disease, and for people NOT to be fobbed off by their GPs.

Mic first experienced symptoms in August 2011 saying that he felt he had ‘butterflies’ in his tummy. He would press on his tummy and said he could feel no pain but sometimes felt itchy.  Numerous visits to the GP, firstly saying they thought he had a nickel allergy.  He got rid of all his belts, jeans that had nickel studs etc.  Still he did not improve.  He didn’t say he felt unwell, but kept on about the discomfort in his tummy.  He kept going backwards and forwards to the GP and was prescribed with endless pills and potions, and they then put it down to reflux.

In November and December he again went down to the GP as he was experiencing quite severe pain. Again he was told they didn’t think anything was wrong, but would send him for an ultrasound as they thought it was gallstones! He couldn’t eat, and was losing a lot of weight and was beginning to look more yellow.  Finally got an appointment for his ultrasound in Feb 2012 and they again said it was gallstones.

He saw the consultant who said it would be 6/9 months before he could have an operation!!!   Mic got worse and cried with the pain so I took him to A & E and they admitted him. They did no further tests – they just said his liver was inflamed and therefore could not remove the gallstones. He was sent home after three days with yet more pain killers and antibiotics, even though he was yellow all over and was losing weight at an alarming rate.

He had been home a week before I had to take him back in again. I have never seen my husband cry with the pain before. A & E asked if the GP had ever picked up on an internal bleed. The GP hadn’t.  It was only then that they gave Mic an MRI scan only to discover the cancer  which had spread to several organs in his body.

He died exactly 3 weeks later. 

Please please, if anyone is not satisfied with the GP’s diagnosis, demand further tests. It seems that other people have also been diagnosed with gallstones which have subsequently been diagnosed as pancreatic cancer.

I had looked up gallstones, and even stomach cancer on the internet.  I had not looked up pancreatic cancer, as I must admit I had never really heard of it.   Hence, more awareness is needed.

All my GP said after Mic had died was that PC was an incredibly difficult cancer to diagnose before it’s too late.  Had we badgered the GP more, perhaps my darling husband could have been given a bit more time. I blame myself sometimes that I didn’t do more to insist to the GP on further tests but we naturally believed what not one, but two GPs told us.

 We left the house to go to A & E early one morning thinking he would be having an operation for gallstones. He never got back to his home again. 

I just want to make people aware of the symptoms that Mic had, and maybe this may help someone else.


Linda, October 2012