June Simpson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011 with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She was told around her 50th birthday and thought she wouldn’t see her grandchildren but  6 years on and there is no sign of the cancer spreading! She tells us her story…

June Simpson pancreatic cancer 6 years survivor
June and her husband on her 50th birthday

Hi I’m June, I am married with 2 grown up sons and 2 granddaughters age 10 and 5 and I have an 8 month old grandson.

In 2011 I found a lump in my neck and  I went to see my GP, he said it was just an infection.

I went back a month later he said the same.

A month after that I saw a different GP and I mentioned that about six months before that i was suffering from other symptoms: indigestion, backache, and stomach ache especially during the night. He sent me for a scan the same day it came back abnormal. He also sent me for blood tests, a CT scan, PET/CT scan and an endoscopy, all this was happening around my 50th birthday.

I was told I had stage 4 pancreatic cancer, I had secondary cancer it had spread to the lymph nodes. I had 3 lumps in my neck, chest and stomach. I was told my cancer was inoperable and all they could offer me was chemotherapy.

I had a tumour in the head and the tail of the pancreas I also had a ulcer. I was worried and upset I thought I wouldn’t see my 4 year old granddaughter growing up and my other sons children.

I attended the Queens Centre at the Castle Hill Hospital Hull my consultant, Dr. Maraveyas, is professor. I was asked to start a placebo along with chemotherapy between Aug 2011 to Nov 2011 but I got told the chemo wasn’t working so they stopped it.

I started to be in a lot of pain and tried all types of painkillers, I ended up on morphine and in Feb 2012 they put me on 2 types of chemotherapy: one intravenous and the other one oral. I had CT scans every 3 months then had radiotherapy for 7 days continuously.

I suffered with sickness, but one good thing I didn’t loose my hair it just got a bit thinner. I started receiving good results, the cancer hadn’t grown then it started reducing in size. I couldn’t believe it, I finished chemo in Jan 2013 and I’ve been having CT and MRI scans twice a year and my consultant says its good news. Though in February this year they found nodes on my lungs so he wants to keep an eye on me, hopefully it won’t be anything nasty.

On July 20th 2017 it will be 6 years since I was diagnosed.